• Product Development

    With a compelling and engaging eLearning curriculum, World Education offers students a personalized learning experience. We understand the unique challenges today's learners face, and our team of experts work collaboratively to evaluate, design, and deliver custom solutions that focus on comprehension and engagement. Our instructional design team is seasoned in not only eLearning theories and cognitive principles, but the latest in technology resulting in superior design and delivery. 

    Our proven track record of producing the highest quality and most meaningful eLearning content showcases World Education’s ability to see beyond the current market demands and look to the future to create more learner-centric content. Our development incorporates a wide range of instructional techniques including micro-learning, virtual simulation, and interactive videos and games. 

​Career Training

Career Training Programs are courses that prepare learners for a career in their chosen field. These courses align directly with a career path or occupation and prepare learners to obtain their industry certification or license, when applicable. Included with our Career Training Programs, learners will be given the opportunity, upon successful completion of their training, to participate in a hands on experience. These courses also come with complimentary career services consisting of resume building, job search assistance, mock interviews, and more. 

Professional Development

Professional Enrichment Courses provide professional skills to enhance and advance a learners career. These skills offer learners a low cost option for enriching their professional portfolio and skill set. Professional Enrichment courses come with an advisor to support learners as they progress through their training by offering motivation and assistance.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Courses are results driven, and job or license specific. These courses are designed to bolster students’ skills in their chosen profession while meeting their license or credential continuing education requirements. Continuing Education courses are completely self-paced and supported by an advisor who will provide motivation and assistance during the training journey.