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    We believe in creating a positive learning journey for students by providing superior service, comprehensive content, and expert coaching in a format that is available and affordable to all students.  We accomplish our purpose when our students complete their program ready to meet the expectations and challenges of their industry and are equipped to find employment.

World Education offering services to those affected by COVID-19

As an online education provider, World Education understands the struggles of those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and would like to be of service. We are committed to providing solutions to all education institutions that would like to have their testing available online during this difficult situation, and beyond. World Ed can convert  exams and build them inside a virtual classroom for open testing or virtual proctoring. 

Here are some of the features and benefits of our services:

  • Provide instruction to teachers and employers, enabling them to provide more effective online teaching
  • Allow schools to continue testing without interruption or delays
  • Decrease the need for close-quarter classroom gatherings while testing
  • Let schools use their own professors or instructors to monitor and manage students within the virtual classroom
  • Include World Ed’s experienced student support team or provide access to the virtual classroom for the school’s own staff

In addition, World Education offers online courses in the tools and techniques needed for teaching remotely including best practices for interacting virtually with students and the technology available for remote learning. 

If your institution is in need of online testing services, online learning options, or training in delivering education online, please contact World Education at product@worldeducation.net today for a quality solution. 

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