09.30.2019 06:22 PM By Lyndsey Browne

Fun in Virtual Learning Environments 

Learning online is convenient and easy...but did you also know it can be fun too? Virtual learning environments, aka virtual classrooms, have been developed to be as close to an in-person learning experience as possible. Without having to sit in a classroom! 

World Education's online classroom boasts exciting tools that make learning online interesting and engaging. Our virtual classroom includes multimedia content such as videos, audio lectures, interactive simulations and activities, and games so fun you forget you are learning! By incorporating different media and content formats we develop our courses to be as easy to navigate and fun to experience as possible. 

The classroom also utilize great supplemental learning tools such as instant chat and discussion boards, quick messaging to the support staff, grade book tracking, and announcement areas. Another fantastic benefit of the World Education virtual classroom is the mobile friendly view and mobile application. These tools allow you to take our mobile accessible courses on your tablet, notebook, or even your phone. All without losing the superior display and functionality of the classroom. 

-In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of learner is essential.-

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