Racial Equality Resource Guide

06.01.2020 03:47 PM

This past week has weighed heavily on our hearts. We understand this isn't a time to stay silent. We stand against racism. 

We can do better. 

World Education is dedicated to education. That’s why we have created a Racial Equality Resource Guide to help teach how to be compassionate and promote antiracist behaviors. 

Let’s all try to do better and love one another. 

Racial Equality Resource Guide:

Ibram X. Kendi talks about the differences between ‘non racist’ and ‘antiracist’


Ibram X. Kendi has a discussion guide to help promote conversations around the shift to antiracist. 


PBS teaches us what an implicit bias is- a thought process that happens without you even knowing it. We’re all guilty of it, but this video explains why it happens. 


The National Museum of African American History & Culture gives insight on what we need to do to move to an equal society.