Medical Assistant: The Fastest Growing Career

10.31.2019 08:14 AM
Do you want a career in the medical field? Medical Assisting is a wonderful career path to get started in the healthcare industry with the security of being a top in-demand job. This profession has continuously grown over the years and is projected to grow a whopping 23% over the next ten years! 

Medical Assistants are found working in almost every medical environment from doctor's offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and urgent care facilities. They work alongside many healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses completing a variety of administrative and clinical tasks. Taking patient histories, maintaining medical records, administering immunizations, drawing blood and collection specimen samples, and scheduling diagnostics are some of the duties Medical Assistants perform everyday. 

This career path boasts a number of benefits including the advancement opportunities and the opportunity to work with specialty populations or in specialty medicine. Medical Assisting can be a foot in the door for any individual looking to pursue advanced careers such as nurse or physician, providing a way to not only work in the industry but determine if the medical field is the right career path. Because Medical Assistants are found in all healthcare environment, it also features the opportunity to work with special populations, such as pediatrics or geriatrics, or in specialty medicine such as obstetrics and gynecology or mental health. 

World Education offers online training through our network of accredited universities and colleges with hands-on clinical externships upon completion to give you all of the education required to successfully pursue a career as a Medical Assistant. We also offer specialization training to give you the advantage when seeking employment with special populations or in specialty medicine. Some of the specialty training available include:
--Obstetrics and Gynecology
--Mental Health
--Alternative Medicine
--Orthopedics and Physical Therapy

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