High Demand Careers- Healthcare

By - Madison
09.17.2020 06:42 PM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

One of the most in demand careers in the US right now is healthcare. Professionals in the healthcare field are in great need all over the US and many places are paying top dollar to recruit new faces. Because healthcare encompasses such a wide range of careers, not everything within this field requires a 4-year degree. There is a plethora of jobs within the healthcare system that you can secure with a training program or certification.


Think about how many different people it takes to run a hospital. Doctors and nurses are only a small part of what makes a hospital function. Hospitals also need medical assistants, chefs, medical billers, office assistants, physical therapists, EKG and other medical equipment technicians, IT specialists and electronic medical records managers, clinical administrative managers, transcriptionists… you get the idea. It takes a village to run a hospital.


While working in the medical field requires specialized knowledge of specific jobs, a large portion of that village can be educated through training and certification programs. You don’t have to go to school for 2-4 years to be fully trained in many of these careers. Most of them require individualized training and certification proving you know what you’re doing.


Perhaps you don’t want to work at a hospital but enjoy helping others? There are many other healthcare related careers that do not require you to step foot in a hospital. Dental offices, eye doctors, veterinarians, and many other specialty medical offices require a skilled team of people to help make it run smoothly. Whether you are interested in being a medical assistant, an administrative professional, medical records management, or IT - any office that provides a medical service will be in need of these highly in demand professionals.


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