Expand Your Online Offerings with Virtual Healthcare Simulations

By - chris
12.07.2021 04:14 PM

Give Students the Value of Experience with Innovative Digital Tools

Virtual simulations provide a hands-on experience online that brings theory and practice together for a superior learning experience. The convenience of virtual simulations is easy to recognize, but the benefits they offer learners extend far deeper than that. Used alongside traditional clinical hours, virtual simulations can help augment and enhance in-person clinical experiences. 


Virtual simulations also offer new professionals the training they need without putting patients in a position where they feel their privacy isn’t valued. In virtual simulations, potentially uncomfortable scenarios can be freely explored. In other words, new and student professionals can learn and practice in a safe, comfortable environment. Reducing patient risk as healthcare professionals learn new skills is another concern addressed by virtual learning. Starting with pre-certification students who are still learning to anticipate risk and prevent harm, virtual clinical simulations provide experiential learning without direct patient risk. 


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality already estimates that around 100,000 annual deaths result from medical errors; anything that can be done to reduce this incidence is imperative.  Reach out to World Education today to explore the possibilities.