How to Move Up in your Career

By - Madison
07.09.2020 10:21 AM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

Do you enjoy your job but feel like you could be doing more? Perhaps you’d like to stay with your current company but move up the ladder? Maybe you want to make yourself more appealing in hopes of getting a raise or take on more responsibilities?


Now that you’ve made up your mind. How do you achieve that?


The answer is simple: Continuing your education or learning new skills. The best way to make yourself more appealing at work is to be the best in your field or be able to easily jump from one skill to another by knowing how to do a few different things related to your profession.


Perhaps you work in IT (or software development or media and design) and got your degree 5 years ago - many things have changed since then. It would be beneficial for you to update your skills and knowledge with some courses or professional development in the latest IT skills and software development techniques related to your field. Attending professional development like this not only benefits you by learning new things, but also shows your business that you want to be the best in what you do. This can open the door for raises and promotions in the right setting.

Working on the computer            

Do you have a certification or license that requires continuing education on a regular or semi-regular basis? If you work in healthcare or education, most licenses and certifications require a certain amount of hours of continuing education on a regular basis. These could be refresher courses or learning completely new skills that are required to keep your license.


Whatever your career, World Education LLC has training programs and professional development courses that can help achieve those goals of learning something new, moving up in your career, or continuing your education to keep your certificationsup to date.