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By - Madison
10.01.2020 10:24 AM

 Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

IT professionals are needed in nearly every business around the world. If your company uses phones, internet, computers, or any form of technology - chances are you have a team of IT professionals to keep all of that technology running and protected.


As technology advances and becomes more and more of a staple in our daily lives, the need for IT professionals becomes a more and more in-demand career. The umbrella of Information Technology (IT) covers a wide range of professional career options, almost all of which require certifications but not necessarily a 4-year degree.


So, how can you get in on this ever-growing field without spending four or more years in college? You can seek individualized training in many different job specializations within the information technology field instead of wasting your time and money on additional classes that wouldn’t otherwise be relevant to your needs. World Education, LLC provides over fourteen different training programs within the IT field all of which will not only teach you what you need to know from the beginning to end in your desired field, but we will also prepare you for the certification testing afterwards. The costs of each training program includes the additional fees needed to get the specific certifications you are looking for, and you can get more than one at an affordable cost.


Whether you are interested in the security and systems side of IT or the software design and development aspect, there are specialized training programs for a little of everything at World Education, LLC. Options include systems auditing, data analysis, cyber security, ethical hacking, networking and server creation, as well as software and web development or design, mobile app design and development, video game design, and web animation. We also have multiple training programs that cover specific certification types within the IT field such at CompTIA, A+ networking, CISA, CISSP, and many more!


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