09.30.2019 11:18 AM By Lyndsey Browne

Make the Connection and Secure the Career

Being first is great when running a race, in customer service, or in line for a fantastic deal, but when it involves choosing the right education to fulfill your dreams….not so much. 

First generation college students and first time post-secondary certificate students are in the same predicament. They do not know what knowledge or skills they are missing, and their education choices have a major impact on their career expectations. 

To assist with this, World Education educates you on career outcomes and connecting your desired career goal with these outcomes. Our Registration Advisers ask the important questions: 

-- What is your career goal? 

-- Why did you choose this program? 

-- What do you expect to get out of the training and career? 

-- How do you intend to use the certificate or certification upon completion?

The answers to these questions are important because many students have inaccurately tied outcomes to programs based on wrong information. Ever heard of the aspiring mechanical engineering student that wanted to work on cars? Ensuring your education choices map to your desired career outcomes is key to successfully completing your education as well as getting the best experience for your money. 

-Making the career connection to the training provides motivation towards program completion and increases career success!-

Check out our catalog to see how you can benefit from “connecting the career” today!