09.27.2019 03:45 PM By Lyndsey Browne

Setting Goals and Pursuing Greatness

Many institutions have adopted the mentality of the statement “it takes a village,” and World Education couldn’t agree more. Providing our partners with services that expand their capabilities to further service their communities is our number one goal. Registration and client advising are two of the key services we provide to our partners. 

Registration advisers set the expectations by understanding a student’s roadblocks and requirements. Advisers talk through blocks to develop an achievable and acceptable pursuit schedule for students; setting expectations and a sense of student ownership! This level of detail aids our partner institutions in the pursuit of funding programs that focus on career training fit and duration.

Our student client services professionals leverage the information provided from the registration advisers and establish an engagement schedule. These milestone coaching sessions are accomplished through text, email, phone, video conferencing, and social media. Our team’s goal is to progress students towards success and get them into their new or expanded career! They do this by providing motivation to complete, program duration alerts according to their benefit schedule, and next step career assistance. Their measure of success is externship placement and gainful employment! 

Finally, WE provide our partners with student pacing data which allows them to engage, intervene, encourage, and congratulate students on the progress made. As we move forward, we are always growing and leveraging new systems that allow for even more timely and meaningful engagement with students. 

- A sure-fire way to be successful at accomplishing a major goal is to set achievable and meaningful benchmarks; and then grind them out-

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