09.30.2019 11:18 AM By Lyndsey Browne

The times of having any post-secondary educational credential to break into a new career are gone. Employers are now seeking skilled laborers that have demonstrated their ability to complete specific, and sometimes technical, tasks. This is why mapping your career training offerings to the current in-demand jobs is essential. 

Ask yourself, is your department relevant? This subjective and somewhat difficult question is one that should be asked at least once a year; and, you should let outsiders answer. Continuing education is often the lifeblood and bridge to locally relevant career opportunities and advancement. Taking notice of how others view your organization provides you with a road-map to a more successful future. 

Also, are you tapping into demand driven funding? Once you have reviewed the data and made the connections with your American Job Center, it is time to roll out the heavy hitters! Medical careers lead the nation in being in-demand, but they are not the only ones. Manage your catalog and marketing engagements to fit workforce and military funding driven by demand and capture the incremental revenue that follows! 

Connect with your local American Job Center to uncover those in-demand careers in your area and how your institution can help!

-Being in-demand starts with the program provider and ends with a vibrant career!-

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