AAPC Membership and Certification: What is it and why should I consider it?

By - Madison
08.26.2020 02:22 PM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

If you are considering a profession in medical billing or coding, chances are you will at some point hear about AAPC Membership. The AAPC, also known as the American Academy of Professional Coders, is a professional association for people working in billing and coding for healthcare in the United States. AAPC provides certification and networking opportunities to individuals and organizations across medical coding, medical billing, auditing, compliance, and practice management.


The biggest perk of an AAPC membership and certification is the recognition you receive for being certified by the AAPC. This certification shows employers that you have participated in a rigorous training and passed a detailed exam proving you are up-to-date on billing and coding practices. This certification can assist in career advancement, help you reach career goals faster, and increase job mobility. *According to the 2017 Salary Survey, AAPC certified members make roughly $7,200 more with every new credential compared to those who are not certified.


Connect with over 190,000 professionals in the healthcare industry. Strengthen your professional support system with colleagues on a national and local level.

·         Participate in more than ½ million online forums posts on healthcare business topics

·         Attend local chapter meetings and events (more than 500 chapters nationwide)

·         Attend AAPC hosted regional and national conferences


Other perks of an AAPC membership and certification includes a bank of the latest job openings in medical coding, billing, auditing and practice management. There are also a number of discounts given on AAPC products as well as hundreds of national and local brands for shopping, restaurants, travel, etc.


So how do you get started with AAPC Membership and Certification?


World Education provides career training programs to help you prep for the AAPC certification exam that fit any budget! These programs are full programs meant to teach you everything you need to know from the very beginning and the price of the career training programs include training, exam and certification costs, and the AAPC membership itself.

Check World Education's Certified Professional Medical Coder courseCertified Medical Biller and Coder course, and our Certified Professional Medical Coder with OB/GYN Specialization to see what careers prep you for the AAPC certification exam. 


So whether you are new to billing and coding or a pro, why not consider getting certified so you can get the most out of your education?

Click the link below to see all of our medical billing and coding classes. 








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