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    This course, offered by our accredited school partners, explains how many couples get overwhelmed with wedding planning and come to rely on a trained wedding planner to help them make their important day as special as possible. The duties of a wedding consultant can vary, but often include helping the happy couple with their wedding ceremony and reception by helping to choose wedding cakes, reception sites, flowers, invitations, and much more! Enroll through one of our accredited university or college partners today!
    Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business Module 1
    The Consulting Life and Research

    In module one, we will look at the profile of a wedding consultant and go over bridal business basics. Services, fees, and your targeted audience will differ based on where you live. In this module, we will discuss these differences and how to market accordingly.

    Profile of a Wedding Consultant
    Bridal Business Basics
    Consulting Services and Fees
    Targeting Professional Women
    Conducting Market Research
    Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business Module 2
    Tools and Equipment that Make Your Dreams Come True

    This module will take you through starter business challenges and methods to use in your new consulting business. Additionally, module two will take a look at the basic tools you need and additional tools to consider when starting your business. Finding reputable suppliers sometimes proves to be a difficult task, but we will discuss networking strategies to use to find the cream of the crop.

    Your Corporate Structure
    Getting Professional Help
    Tools of the Trade
    Establishing a Vendor Network
    Finding Reputable Suppliers
    Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business Module 3
    Certifications, Advertising, and Cyber Marketing

    Obtaining a certification will help you stand out in the wedding consultant market. This module will take a look at the various industry associations and how joining will affect your business. Module three will take you through a marketing plan and discuss what pieces you should include in your marketing campaign.

    Major Industry Associations
    Advertising Rules of Engagement
    Your Marketing Plan
    SWOT Analysis
    Cyber Resources
    Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business Module 4
    Generating Positive Press Happily Ever After

    In module four, we will discuss strategies for networking and how to spread your company name around and stand out from a crowd. Module four also focuses on the financial considerations, billing policies and how to manage accounts. So many new businesses fail, but we will share tips and ideas of how to operate your company successfully.

    News Releases, Articles, and Networking
    Key Financial Statements
    Why Businesses Fail
    Hindsight Is 20/20
    This class is an independent-study course. Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material. A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.

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