Certified Cannabis Dispensary Manager

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, you should be able to: • Recall how cannabis works within the body • Recognize how to dose and store medical cannabis • Identify forms and varieties of medical cannabis • Describe medicinal uses for medical cannabis • Recall aspects of cannabis legalization and the cannabis market • Recognize the basics of starting a business, such as creating a mission statement and business plan • Identify how to obtain your cannabis business license • Describe techniques for branding yourself and growing your cannabis business • Recall aspects of cannabis consumerism, safety, and regulations • Recognize characteristics of cultivation, manufacturing, production, and retail sale of cannabis • Identify banking and financial implications • Describe federal, state, local, and tax laws related to cannabis DESCRIPTION: This interactive learning course on dispensary management will give you all the information and tools you need to build a career as a Certified Cannabis Dispensary Manager (CCDM). The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate, which is why there is a serious need for skilled workers in almost every area. For this reason, our certified cannabis dispensary manager course is focused on helping you become one of the best professionals possible. The course focuses on the following core areas: • Understanding the endocannabinoid system and how CBD affects it • The medicinal qualities of CBD and how it can be used for various disorders and diseases • The proper storage methods as well as dosage quantities for CBD • The different varieties and strains of cannabis • Understanding of the cannabis industry, the legalization of CBD and the role of medical marijuana • Learning how to fund, license, plan and start your own CBD shop • Know about the relevant policies, legal laws as well as federal and state laws that apply • Discover tax implications for cannabis businesses The detailed course focuses on equipping you with not only the above mentioned information but also focus on soft skills, such as excellent customer support, communication and building lasting relationships. You can plan out your business from an idea and implement it with our course. CERTIFICATION: The Certified Cannabis Dispensary Management (CCDM) certification exam prepares individuals for a career in the management of a cannabis dispensary. Managing a marijuana dispensary is similar to managing any other retail store: manage the staff, track inventory, and cultivate a clean, professional atmosphere, but the highly regulated nature of the product makes it a bit more complicated.
Learn Everything About Managing Your Own Cannabis Dispensary
DURATION (time given)
3 months
3 Months
Cannabis Pharmacy Module 1 - Cannabis as a Medicine • The Cannabis Plant • How Cannabis Works Within the Body • Adverse Effects of Medical Cannabis • Endocannabinoid System • Phyto-cannabinoids and Terpenoids Cannabis Pharmacy Module 2 - Using Medical Cannabis • Dosage • Storing Cannabis • Forms of Cannabis • Cannabis Contaminants • Metabolizing Medical Cannabis Cannabis Pharmacy Module 3 - Varieties of Medical Cannabis • What Makes a Cannabis Variety? • Name Games • Strain Identification • Selecting a Medical Cannabis Variety • Modern Cannabis Varieties Cannabis Pharmacy Module 4 - Medical Uses of Cannabis • Diseases and Disorders • Skin Disorders • Cannabis and Pregnancy • Cannabis and Preventive Medicine • Cannabis Dependence and Withdrawal Start Your Own Cannabis Business Module 1 - The Marijuana Industry • THC and CBD • The Current Legal Landscape • Medical Marijuana • Picking a Subsector • Competition and Market Research Start Your Own Cannabis Business Module 2 - Planning and Funding • Mission Statement and Business Plan • Financing • Funding Alternatives • Investors and Crowdfunding • Attracting Capital Start Your Own Cannabis Business Module 3 - Licensing and Setting Up Shop • Cannabis License • Building Your Team • Branding Yourself • Marketing and Public Relations • Social Media Start Your Own Cannabis Business Module 4 - Growing Your Business • Planning Ahead • Paying Taxes • Compliance • Becoming a Multilocation or Multistate • Company • Raise More Money Cannabis Laws and Policies Module 1 - Federal, State, and Local Laws • Consumerism of Cannabis • Supply and Demand • Consumer Safety • Consumer Problems • Regulations at Every Level Cannabis Laws and Policies Module 2 - Lobbying, Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Production • Lobbying and Advocacy • Requirements for Licensure • Cannabis Agriculture • Testing Labs • Standards Cannabis Laws and Policies Module 3 - Banking and Financial Implications • Credit Crunch • Investment • Stocks and Public Companies • State by State • Nation by Nation Cannabis Laws and Policies Module 4 - Taxation and the Future of Cannabis • National Taxes • Tax Models • Media • Congressional Action • Future of Cannabis
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