Peer Support 9 Part Training Bundle

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Course 1: History of Peer Support • Explore the history of peer support • Discuss statistics of PTSD, suicide, divorce, and substance abuse among law enforcement personnel Course 2: Creating Connections • Discuss the importance of connections • Explore how connections facilitate peer support • Describe empathy and the differences between empathy and sympathy Course 3: One To One • Describe the peer support tool: One to One • Exploring attentive listening, being present and relaxed, and the SAFER model Course 4: Defusing • Define defusing • Outline the structure of a Defusing • Experience a real-life support team demonstrate defusing Course 5: Debriefing • Describe the peer support technique: Debriefing • Discuss the two ways to provide debriefing Course 6: Creating a New Peer Support Team • Describe policies from a peer support team • Explore structure for a new peer support team • Discuss the successes of a newly created team Course 7: The Importance of the Basics • The Basics: Sleep, Eat, and Fun • Explore the importance of sleep and how it impacts someone in crisis • Discuss how nutrition mediates symptoms of mental health disorders • Describe how fun keeps life balance Course 8: Meditation • Discuss the benefits of meditation • Describe using meditation to decrease stress physically and emotionally • Experience a meditation walk Course 9: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder • Describe the history of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder • Discuss preventing, identifying, and treating PTSD • Explore the symptoms of PTSD DESCRIPTION: Peer support is a vital part of successfully battling the mental health crisis that impacts professionals who experience high stress and traumatic situations. In the past, professionals such as law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel were discouraged from expressing any sign of experiencing mental health distress after a traumatic situation. However, we now know that by providing a support system of peers that have experienced the same trauma we can help prevent mental health distress from going untreated. By helping professionals who have experienced traumatic incidents, we can decrease the number of mental health driven deaths and situations including suicides and substance abuse. In this bundle, we will start with the history of peer support where we will look at how peer support got started and discuss some of the devastating mental health related statistics. Next, we will talk about creating connections and the importance of building and maintaining healthy connections. After this, we will take a deeper dive into peer support by looking at the three interventions of critical incident stress management: One to One, Defusing, and Debriefing. Then we will walk you through creating a new peer support team by describing the policies of a team and demonstrating a successful peer support team. We will then discuss the importance of the three basic needs of every person: Eat, Sleep, and Fun. The training will get real fun when we dive into meditation and how it can assist in peer support. Finally, we will close out this training with an intense look at one of the most important and catastrophic mental health disorders affecting an increasing number of the population: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After successfully completing this training, you will be ready to start a brand new peer support team, join an existing support team, or just provide beneficial peer support within your profession and community. Join us in helping to change the experience of professionals across the world.
Learn The Values And Uses Of A Peer Support Group
DURATION (time given)
9 months
7 Months
Course 1: History of Peer Support Course 2: Creating Connections Course 3: One To One Course 4: Defusing Course 5: Debriefing Course 6: Creating a New Peer Support Team Course 7: The Importance of the Basics Course 8: Meditation Course 9: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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