Certified Event Planning Specialist

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, you should be able to: • Define the principles of event leadership • Identify the steps for planning an event budget, solving problems, and making critical decisions • Identify the requirements for working with vendors, securing a space, and marketing the event • Identify legal considerations and guidelines for writing event contracts • Identify the steps for starting your own event planning business DESCRIPTION: This detailed Certified Event Planning Specialists program is specially designed to equip you with all the skills you need to excel in the event planning industry. From learning how to coordinate with other organizations to managing everything on your own, this program is going to help develop crucial skills that will play a huge role in your success. An event planning specialist can expect to cater to various businesses in almost any industry, ranging from weddings to corporate events and concerts and even events for the local community. The program focuses on the following core aspects of event planning: • Understanding the principles that go into leadership for event planning. • Identifying the steps needed for proper planning of an event budget. • Handling and solving critical problems as well as on-the-job decision-making skills. • Identifying key vendors and establishing a healthy work relationship with them. • Discovering venues and learning negation skills to securing it. • Marketing different events effectively. • Identifying any legal considerations when creating contracts for events. • Learning how to start an even planning business on your own and more. With the help of this program, you will be able to learn how to become an event planning specialist in any industry. Form organizing an event for corporate social responsibility to planning a wedding, this course will help you out in every way. CERTIFICATION: The Event Planning Specialist Certification (CEPS) exam from the National Career Certification Board (NCCB) prepares individuals for a rewarding career as an Event Planning Professional. One of the best ways to distinguish yourself in the Event Planning industry is to pursue a national certification from NCCB. Certified Event Planning Specialists (CEPS) are responsible for coordinating every last detail of an event; regardless of the size of the event. He or she arranges everything for an event to include; venue, menu selection, entertainment, decorations and everything in between. As more companies learn the value of professionally organized events, there is an increasing need for formal training in event planning. Each state may have additional licensing requirements, be sure to research your states requirements for employment by visiting your states occupation board.
Earn Your Certification As An Event Planning Specialist
DURATION (time given)
12 months
6 Months
Event Planning & Management Module 1 - Event Leadership • Anthropological & Sociological Origins • Global Business • The Event Leadership Profession • Demographic Changes • Career Opportunities • The 5 Phases of Event Leadership • A Blueprint for Your Event • Comprehensive Needs Assessment • Good Communication • Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) • Developing & Implementing the Event • Research the Event • Design a Program • Develop a Theme • Manage the Timeline Event Planning & Management Module 2 - Event Administration • Identify Leadership Characteristics • Make Critical Decisions • Solve Problems • Human Resource Management • Recruiting Staff & Volunteers • Effective Organizational Charts • Financial Administration • Maintain Event Records • Forecast Projected Revenues • Identify Sustainable Funding • Plan an Event Budget • Greener Events • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint • Minimize Waste • Implement Energy Efficiency • Market Your Greener Event Event Planning & Management Module 3 - Event Coordination & Marketing • Managing Vendor Contracts • Coordinate Catering Operations • Conduct & Analyze Site Inspections • On-Site Event Production • Integrate New Technologies • Event Contingency Plans • Registration Operations • Lighting, Sound, and Video • Event Leader as Producer • Advertising & Public Relations • Promotions & Sponsorships • The 5 Ps of Event Marketing • Promote Fairs & Festivals • Online Marketing • Using Social Media Event Planning & Management Module 4 - Legal, Ethical, Risk Management & Technology • Legal Event Documents • Control Liabilities • Risk Management Procedures • Inclusiveness, Morality & Ethics • Comply with ADA • Avoid Ethical Problems • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Measure the Social Responsibility Index • Technology & Event Planning • Using Mobile Technology • 360-degree Event Experience • Building Your Resume • Career Advancement • The New Best Practices • New Frontiers in Planning Events Event Planning & Management Module 5 - Corporate Events • What is a Corporate Event? • The Future of Corporate Events • Types of Venues • Anatomy of a Venue • Types of Staging • Choosing the Best Stage for Your Event • Types of Seating • Choosing the Best Seating for Your Event • Introduction to Rigging • Rigging Equipment • Introduction to Lighting • Elements of Lighting Event Planning & Management Module 6 - Audio, Video & Design • Video Basics • Video Cameras & Controls • Introduction to Audio • Understanding the Sound System • Types of Speakers & Presenters • Presentation Management • The Value of Rehearsals • Design Teams & Processes • The Proposal Response Process • Designing from the Ground Up • Drafting Software • Venue Floor Plans • The Fire Marshal’s Approval Event Planning & Management Module 7 - Developing & Presenting the Design • The Fundamentals of Design • Developing a Design Palette • Scenic Design • Design Approaches • Environment Design • Providing Atmosphere • Scenic Materials & Construction • Scenic Specialty Items • Dealing with Transportation • Presenting Your Design • Effective Presentation Methods • Ordering Your Presentation Event Planning & Management Module 8 - Start Your Own Event Planning Business • The Event Planning Industry • Who Hires Event Planners • Conducting Market Research • Building Your Business Foundation • Finding Your Niche • Creating a Map for Success • A Day in the Life • Developing Design Ideas • Getting Started • Choosing a Business Location • Financing Your Business • Buying Equipment & Inventory • Fundamentals of Hiring Employees • Paying Employees • Marketing Your Business • Managing Your Finances • Keeping Your Business Healthy Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 1 - The Event Planning Business • Who Hires Event Planners • Building Your Business Foundation • Calculating Start Up Costs • Design Time • Coordinating the Event Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 2 - Getting Started • Choosing a Location • Creating Effective Proposals and Agreements • Financing Your Business • Hiring Employees • Hiring Outside Vendors Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 3 - Types of Marketing • Networking to Business Success • The Power of Customer Service • Starting Up a Website • Marketing Your Website • The World of Social Media Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 4 - Managing Your Finances and Final Steps • Financial Statements • Maintaining Cash Flow • Planner Profiles • Keep Your Business Healthy • Recipe for Success
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