Interior Decorating & Design Entrepreneur

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, you should be able to: • Define history and principles of the interior design profession • Identify the steps making up the design process • Comprehend the use of various mediums in interior design • Identify various technical issues that the interior designer must consider • Comprehend project management and the business of interior design • Comprehend entrepreneurship and opportunity • Identify the steps for developing a business plan and marketing strategy • Identify methods for managing costs and forming a financing strategy • Comprehend commercial law and the importance of contracts • Identify strategies for growing your business and eventually selling it DESCRIPTION: This user-friendly interior design course is designed specifically for any individual who wants to start and operate their own interior design company.This course is available on a user-friendly platform so that you can access every resource at your disposal with ease. Interior decorating and design affects almost every one of us in some way or the other. So, as a professional interior decorator and designer, you can help people realize and apply their vision effectively. Therefore, to help you become a professional in this line of work, this program, will teach you: • The fundamental principles of interior decorating and design • The steps that make up the design process • About the different types of mediums in interior design • How to become a successful entrepreneur • How to develop a business plan along with an effective marketing strategy This interior design course will also teach you the necessary steps of starting your own business and eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur. Through the course, you’ll work on your business plan, editing it as you learn more. You’ll create a comprehensive overview of your plan with various elements included in them. Also, the inclusion of several multimedia presentations will provide you with a different approach to your learning experience. CERTIFICATION: The Certified Interior Decorating Specialist (CIDS) National Certification exam designation will demonstrate that as an Interior Decorator, designees have made the commitment to their clients to become educated on the most updated skills necessary to focus on the aesthetics of a space, while improving the visual and functional living spaces in design projects. Certified Interior Decorating Specialist (CIDS) careers involve creatively planning living and business spaces for individuals and businesses. Employers, including interior design firms and clients who hire Interior Decorators, increasingly expect candidates to have some formal education and training. Certified Interior Decorating Specialist (CIDS) are typically hired by small and large firms or work as independent contractors. NCCB does not require any practicums, internships, or experience in your specific field. Our goal is to be the initial entry-level certification organization to validate your education. Each state may have additional licensing requirements, be sure to research your states requirements for employment by visiting your states occupation board.
Make Rooms Look Stylish
DURATION (time given)
12 months
6 Months
Interior Decorating Module 1 The Interior Design Profession & History • Development of Interior Design • Professional Preparation • Professional Organizations • Design Quality • Defining Design • Evaluating Design • Analyzing Existing Spaces • Design Basics • Design and Human Perception • Elements and Principles of Design • Design as an Expressive Medium • Design History • Ancient World to Middle Ages • Renaissance to Rococo • Neoclassicism to the Victorian Era • The Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Interior Decorating Module 2 The Design Process • Project Beginnings • Establishing Contact with the Client • Researching the Project • Planning the Space • Developing Preliminary Design • Making Formal Drawings • Estimating Costs • Preparing Final the Design • Design Implementation • Preparing Construction Drawings • Setting a Time Schedule for Construction • Selecting Contractors • Project Supervision • Post-Completion • Human Factors • Social Responsibility in Design • Interior Design for Special Needs Interior Decorating Module 3 The Various "Mediums" of Design • Structural and Interior Materials • Environmental or Green Issues • Types of Materials • Material Selection • Light and Color • Psychological Impact of Colors • Special Color Effects • Vision and Lighting • Planning Lighting • Selecting Fixtures • Selecting Textiles • Fabric Types and Construction • Preliminary Furniture Decision • Selecting Furniture • Furniture Design • Accessories and Art • Signage and Graphics Interior Decorating Module 4 Technical Issues for Designers • Mechanical Systems • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning • Electrical and Plumbing Systems • Safety Issues • Building Codes • Planning Kitchens and Bathrooms • Storage Spaces • Commercial Spaces • Hospitality Spaces • Institutional Spaces • Cultural and Recreational Spaces • The Business of Interior Design • Employment in Interior Design • Information Technology • Budgeting, Marketing and Contracts • Project Management • Types of Businesses • Professionals Ethics Start Your Own Business Module 1 Entrepreneurial Pathways • Defining Entrepreneurship • What Entrepreneurs Do • Free Enterprise Economies • Finding & Evaluating Opportunity • Examining Profits • Creating Business from Opportunity • Creating a Feasibility Analysis • Developing a Business Plan • Defining Your Business • Analyzing Your Competitive Advantage • Viability Testing • Valuing a Business Start Your Own Business Module 2 Integrated Marketing • Exploring Your Market • Marketing vs. Selling • Market Research • Market Segments • Positioning Your Product or Service • Developing Your Marketing Plan • Marketing Mix • Pricing Your Products • Breakeven Analysis • Smart Selling • Effective Customer Service • Principles of Selling • Successful Sales Calls • Customer Relationship Management Start Your Own Business Module 3 Cost Analysis • Understanding & Managing Costs • Identify Required Investment • Analyze Fixed Operating Costs • Calculate Gross Profit • Financial Record Keeping • Financial Statements • Income Statements • Examining a Balance Sheet • Financial Ratio Analysis • Calculating Return on Investment • Same-Size Analysis • Quick, Current & Debt Ratios Start Your Own Business Module 4 Financing Strategy • Cash Flow Management • Cash vs. Profits • Cash Flow Statement • Cash Budget • Taxes • Filing Tax Returns • Financing Preferences • Types of Business Financing • Debt vs. Equity Financing • Identifying Sources of Capital • Stocks & Bonds as Investments Start Your Own Business Module 5 Operating For Success • Addressing Legal Issues • Managing Risk • Business Legal Structures • Contracts • Commercial Law • Intellectual Property • Protecting Tangible Assets • Operations in a Business • Production-Distribution Chain • Supply Chain Management • Managing Suppliers • Managing Inventory • Facilities Location & Design Start Your Own Business Module 6 Growing Your Business • Management • 10 Basic Tasks Handled by Managers • Leadership Styles • Organizational Cultures • Organizational Structure • Human Resources Management • Ethical Leadership • Incorporating Social Responsibility • Ethical Practices • Growing Your Business • Franchising • Licensing • Cashing in Your Brand • Methods for Valuing a Business
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