Certificate in Innovation & Critical Thinking

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students will know: • How to foster creativity and innovation • Five factors for creative teams • Types of innovation and the barriers to innovation • Critical thinking and systemic problem solving • Moving from ideas to practice and production DESCRIPTION: Because organizations must innovate to stay alive in today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations need employees who can channel their creativity and innovation toward organizational challenges and goals. This suite of courses will first help you become re-acquainted with your own stores of creativity and innovation. Next, you are given a set of tools that allow you to leverage your creativity to identify and solve organizational problems. One activity asks you how you might look at a problem from a different angle to produce a more creative result; others walk you through the process of using analogies or replacement techniques to invent creative solutions to problems. CERTIFICATION: Intuit
Earn Your Certificate In Innovation And Critical Thinking
DURATION (time given)
4 months
3 Months
Certificate in Creativity and Innovation Module 1 - Creativity in Teams and Organizations • The connection between creativity and innovation • The five factors for creative teams • Team creative tools such as brainstorming, Discussion 66, anonymous idea generation, and visioning • The importance of diversity in team creativity • Techniques for prototyping new ideas • How to overcome creative barriers for teams and organizations • Ways to make teams and organizations more open to creativity and innovation Certificate in Creativity and Innovation Module 2 - Innovation in Teams and Organizations • Key factors for an innovative organization • Barriers to innovation • The differences between incremental, semi-radical, and radical innovation • Internal innovation tools such as idea champions, idea incubators, new venture teams and skunk works • The process of moving from idea to commercialization • Issues surrounding innovation in the public sector Certificate in Creativity and Innovation Module 3 - Introduction to Critical Thinking • Critical thinking, reasoning, and logic • Appropriate questions for critical thinking • The process of systemic problem-solving • Barriers to critical thinking • Common reasoning fallacies • Critical thinking as it pertains to the workplace Certificate in Creativity and Innovation Module 4 - Personal Creativity • The basis of personal creativity • Uses of creative tools • Vertical versus lateral thinking • Creative tools like SCAMPER, random input, mind mapping, and DO IT • Key characteristics of personal creativity • Issues surrounding measuring creativity
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