QuickBooks Pro (Voucher included)

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, you should be able to: • Identify the basics for getting started with QuickBooks • Define the steps for completing daily entry tasks • Identify the steps to print checks, process taxes, process payroll and track expenses • Identify the steps for creating and printing reports, invoicing, file management, and backing up information • Comprehend and examine budgets and actual spending, income, inventory, assets, and liabilities DESCRIPTION: To succeed in small business, you need great ideas, an entrepreneurial spirit, and competitive products or services. And one other thing: a good accounting system like QuickBooks. With our program you will learn how to track your sales and expenses all in one place and get reliable records for tax time. This QuickBooks course shows you how to use this popular business finance program to gain a clear view of your finances and keep your business in the black. Our course will help you make your bookkeeping workflow smoother and faster. Students will receive step-by-step instructions on how and when to use specific features, along with basic accounting advice to guide you through the learning process of QuickBooks. NOTE: This course does NOT include the QuickBooks program itself. Students will need to have QuickBooks Pro already installed on their computers. CERTIFICATION: The Uniform QuickBooks Online Certification Examination (Exam) is the exam administered to candidates who want to obtain QuickBooks Online Certification. Candidates who pass the Exam may communicate to employers they possess QuickBooks Online Certification and distinguish themselves and build credibility by having authorized use of the QuickBooks Online Certification certificate and logo.
Learn Accounting With QuickBooks
DURATION (time given)
12 months
6 Months
QuickBooks Pro Module 1 Setting Up QuickBooks • Accounting Systems • How to Succeed with QuickBooks • Budgeting Wisely • QuickBooks Setup • Express Setup • Populating QuickBooks Lists • Organizing Lists • Printing Lists • Exporting List Items • Chart of Accounts QuickBooks Pro Module 2 Invoices, Credit Memos, and Recording Payments • Preparing an Invoice • Fixing Invoice Mistakes • Preparing a Credit Memo • Printing Invoices & Credit Memos • Sending Invoices & Credit Memos via Email • Recording a Sales Receipt • Printing a Sales Receipt • Recording Customer Payments • Making Bank Deposits • Improving Cash Flow QuickBooks Pro Module 3 Paying Bills and Inventory • Pay Now or Later? • Accounts Payable • Paying Your Bills • Tracking Vehicle Mileage • Paying Sales Tax • Setting up Inventory Items • Purchase Orders • Assembling a Product QuickBooks Pro Module 4 Checks and Credit Cards • Writing Checks • Depositing Money in a Checking Account • Transferring Money between Accounts • Working with Multiple Currencies • Tracking Business Credit Cards • Reconciling Credit Card Statements • Printing a Check • Printing a Check Registrar QuickBooks Pro Module 5 Payroll and Budgeting • Doing Taxes the Right Way • Paying Your Employees • Paying Payroll Liabilities • Preparing Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns • Building the Perfect Budget • Projecting Cash Flow • Electronic Banking QuickBooks Pro Module 6 Balancing Accounts and Job Estimates • Balancing Bank Accounts • Giving QuickBooks Information from the Bank Statement • Creating and Printing a Report • Reports Made to Order • Processing Multiple Orders • Turning on Job Costing • Setting up a Job • Revising an Estimate • Tracking Job Costs QuickBooks Pro Module 7 File Management and Fixed Assets • Backing Information Up • Working with Portable Files • Using an Audit Trail • Fixed-Assets Accounting • Tracking Vehicle Mileage • Tracking Depreciation • Owner’s Equity • Business Formulas
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