What is Underemployment?

By - Madison
08.13.2020 01:30 PM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

The current economic climate has the US labor force suffering from underemployment. What is underemployment? This is when you are working less than full time, overqualified for your current job, underpaid, or underutilized. During this pandemic, many people are taking whatever jobs they can get to keep bills paid and food on the table which generally has people working well below their intended skill level.


As time goes on and the pandemic looks more and more like it’s here to stay for an extended period, people are starting to realize they need a more long-term solution to this new work landscape. Now the idea of staying at some part time job that you are overqualified for is not looking so great. It’s also not sustainable for long-term growth, paying bills, or your mental health.


If you’re stuck in this rut and unable to find work in your current field, what should you do that doesn’t require you to move your family to another city or state? Getting another 4-year degree seems excessive just because the economy is temporarily in the gutter. Becoming more marketable to employers doesn’t always mean an entirely new degree - you can refresh or add to your current credentials by utilizing professional development. Professional development allows you to earn and maintain credentials needed for your profession or get new credentials to add on to what you already have.


World Education’s Professional Enrichment Courses provide professional skills to enhance and advance a learners career. These skills offer learners a low cost option for enriching their professional portfolio and skill set. Professional Enrichment courses come with an advisor to support learners as they progress through their training by offering motivation and assistance.


World Education has over 450+ Professional Enrichment Courses to choose from including: business and professional courses, hospitality and culinary, healthcare and fitness, IT and software design, media and design, industrial and skilled trades, environmental sustainability; as well as new courses in conversational Spanish and English as a Second Language for Spanish speakers and Personal Enrichment courses to help you be the best you can be as an employee as well as personal finance courses.


The courses offered World Education are not only affordable, but all well-sought after knowledge that can be utilized in many different work environments. Check our list of Professional Enrichment Courses now so you can fight underemployment and get paid the salary you deserve.