WFH rituals to keep you on track

01.07.2021 07:46 AM

Working from home can get tedious. We all reach that point where we get lazy and stop caring about our carefully crafted routine that we started back in March. Now is the time to reassess your work from home setup and maybe add in some rituals to help keep you on track.


Getting into the groove - Starting work is easiest to do when you have some type of ritual in the morning to help set the tone of your day. What can you do to help this? Well, from personal experience, don’t get up at 7:50 if your job starts at 8 am. Get up early, go for a walk or do some yoga, take a shower, get dressed. Working from home doesn’t mean your morning routine needs to change. You still need to take care of you.


Staying on task - The biggest thing to keep your home and work life separate while working from home is having a dedicated workspace for work and only work. Whether it’s an office or a room just for your work or its a pair of headphones and a sign that says “Don’t talk to me”, have a way to to let everyone know you are working and when it’s safe to to be bothered. As always, don’t forget to take breaks, stretch, eat, and stay hydrated!


Transitioning from Work to Home - Disconnecting from work can be a challenge for some. When you lose the commute from office to home, you lose the chance to calm your mind before getting home and that doesn’t allow for your mind to catch up to the transition. WHen you’re done with work, try leaving the house for a bit. Go for a walk, exercise, run a quick errand - anything to help you shift your focus to something else. Change your clothes into something more comfortable, put on some music, and for the love of everything get off your computer for a while.


And, the most important thing you can do when working from home is accept the fact that sometimes those lines are going to get blurred and that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day.