Skills employers look for

03.25.2021 03:51 PM

When it comes to applying for jobs in the current times, most employers have started looking for certain skills that are useful across any field but may not necessarily be ‘learned skills’ that you can just provide examples of and they believe you know what you’re doing. (I mean, it’s not like any of us have slightly exaggerated stories from a job to make yourself look better...right?)


So, how can you show an employer you have the skills they are looking for if you don’t have any good examples that translate to the workplace? You could always take a few courses to brush up on those skills you have, learn the most up-to-date ways people are managing these skills, or just learn some of these skills for the first time (so you don’t have to keep making up stories).


Some of the most popular things employers are looking for include:


“Communicates Effectively” - We all know you can communicate. We all can, but that doesn’t mean you are doing it in a way that is conducive to the workplace. This skill requires a lot of know-how on proper etiquette for multiple communication platforms as well as what is and is not appropriate when chatting with coworkers, peers, or higher level management.


“Management experience” - Being a manager is a lot of work. Being a manager now not only requires the usual tasks like making schedules, handling the unhappy customers, or keeping track of inventory - now employers are looking for someone who can manage not only the business side, but the personal side as well. Managers are more than just bosses and proving that you truly care about your job and your employees is something that is essential for management positions.


“Public speaking and presentation skills” - Any manager will tell you that public speaking is important. The skills you get from learning to speak publicly and create effective presentations is essential in any job and a reason why a lot of training programs include them in their list of classes. Learning to put together cohesive thoughts and presentations that don’t put you to sleep immediately is a skill that keeps on giving.


So, whether you’re an old pro at these items or just starting out in your field, remember it's never too early to start thinking of examples of these skills or get trained in them so your future employer knows you mean business!