Setting goals for the new year

12.29.2020 07:00 AM

Pandemic Edition!

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

How do you set goals for the new year when you can’t go anywhere or be around people? Let’s talk about it.


Get in shape- So obviously going to the gym isn’t an option for most right now. Not only is money tight, most gyms aren’t open. Since money is tight, buying your own home gym isn’t really feasible either. Winter is here, half of us can’t go outside for long. So what now?


Use your body! Bodyweight workouts are a thing. Look it up. It can do wonders. You don’t need equipment, a lot of space, or a gym to achieve your goals. You just have to get creative.


Go back to school - A lot of higher education has gone online right now, for good reason. Some people find this very hard. If you were never one to like online classes, this could be very frustrating. Keep in mind, this is completely different from your online classes of the past. Virtual classes are more interactive than ever now and the professors try their hardest to make it as ‘normal’ and functional as possible so you can succeed regardless of your location. Don’t let online learning discourage you from achieving your dreams!


Heal your mind - If there was ever a time to learn mindfulness, work on stress reduction, or just work on being happier in general - now is the time to do it. Get some books, look up some workshops, find some videos, and just do it. There is never a bad time to work on mental health. Your family and friends will appreciate it too if you aren’t so crabby all the time.


Don’t let life’s obstacles keep you from achieving your goals in 2021. Get creative, be ambitious, do some networking, and don’t give up!