Pharmacy Technician: Is It the Right Career for You?

10.30.2019 01:04 PM

Are you thinking about a career as a Pharmacy Technician? Working alongside Pharmacists to help patients feel better, Pharmacy Technician is one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. With an anticipated job growth of 7% between 2018-2028, this career is also one of the most in-demand. As pharmacies expand the care services they provide and the number of elderly rises, the need for trained professionals grows. With an average annual salary of $32,700, this career path is one of the highest paid entry-level positions in the healthcare field.

Pharmacy Technician's work side by side with licensed pharmacists to prepare and dispense prescription medication to customers or healthcare professionals. They can be found in retail pharmacies, such as those found in grocery stories or drug stores, hospitals, nursing facilities, ambulatory centers, and mail order pharmacies. As pharmacists become responsible for more direct patient care in settings such as pharmacy clinics and immunization programs, Technicians take on additional advanced responsibilities. These expanded tasks can include reviewing medication history, hazardous drug management, immunization assistance, and claim billing. With the continued growth of technician duties, it is increasingly important that professionals looking to join this workforce be professionally trained. 

Completing our Certified Pharmacy Technician program through one of our accredited university or college partners will give you the advantage of quality training and prepare you to pursue a career in any pharmaceutical setting. With the included CPhT gold standard industry credential, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to successfully step into your new Pharmacy Technician job. Enroll today to be in your dream position in less than a year!

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