Making the move to Management

04.22.2021 04:11 PM

Spring is about growth. New beginnings, fresh starts, exciting changes. The same should apply to your job as well. If you enjoy your job and what you do but the actual work is feeling a bit stale, why not consider moving up? Taking the leap to a management position can not only increase your pay, but give you valuable skills you will be able to carry with you throughout your life and career.


World Education has a few professional development courses that would be a great way to show your employer you are serious about entering the management pool. These courses will not only prepare you to become a first time manager in today’s world, but also provide additional skills and training modules that will allow you to be on top of your game from the start.


Here are the top three professional development courses for management. You may choose to only take one of these or all three for maximum managerial know-how:

  1. Becoming a First Time Manager - This course encourages managers to take on the challenges of supervision and provides fast, powerful lessons to help increase productivity, unlock hidden talent, work with different types of people, communicate effectively, and diagnose problems.
  2. The Effective Managers Toolbox - This course is a grouping of modules that offer learners an explanation of the managerial mindset that all managers and leaders must adopt to succeed.
  3. Emotional Intelligence for Managers - This course reviews the underlying concepts of emotional intelligence and explores how managers can improve and make use of their emotional intelligence.


If you feel like a few courses aren't going to give you what you need, you may also consider our Management and Leadership Career Training Program. This program covers leadership and persuasion, management operations, problem-solving, disciplines, negotiations, development and change, decision making skills, assertiveness, interpersonal communication, and the best practices for a successful business. This training program covers broad topics so you will be able to jump into any management field and excel where others cannot.


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