Making Time for Education

05.07.2020 12:02 PM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

It may seem like your life has to be put on hold in these challenging times, but as everyone adapts to these new changes, people are finding new normals to fit their needs and allow them to continue to grow. This is especially true for your education.


Online education has been gaining popularity recently, although still not as popular as face-to-face education. It has evolved thanks to newer technologies to allow for video classes where a professor can teach and interact with their students just as they would out in the ‘real world’. There are also more ways than ever to learn - live videos, webinars, computer assisted learning. This allows people of all learning styles and abilities to choose what works best for them and allows them more opportunities than ever to succeed.


Whether you have already been taking classes or you were once considering it but putting it off for whatever reason, now is a great time to get the education you’ve been dreaming of. With these new changes, more places than ever are opening up to all the different ways people can be taught which allows for more flexibility to adjust to your needs. Workplaces are also allowing more flexibility to help you pursue higher education or earn certification in a field that would help you further your career. Some will even cover the cost if it helps you in your current field because it also benefits them. 


It’s important during times of change or stress to try to keep some sense of normalcy. Don’t lose sight of your long term goals just because your current situation is not what it once was. All facets of our lives are adapting and making changes to allow for a new normal and starting, continuing, or finishing your education is no different.