What exactly is an Internship?

04.09.2021 10:24 AM

Internships aren’t a new thing. They are, however, very important for professions that require specific training. Internships can help someone learn about a career they’re interested in and gives them a ‘test run’ along with first-hand experience putting your training to use before being released into the wild. Are you considering an internship for your chosen profession? Here are a few of the more popular types of internships that you are likely to choose from and what you should know about them!

  • Paid Internships - Paid internships are generally what people think of when someone talks about an internship. These are positions in large organizations or private sector jobs that pay you while learning. The pay varies from job to job, but the education and hands-on experience you get is invaluable.
  • Nonprofit internships - Generally, nonprofit organizations offer internships with no pay. While these internships don’t offer income, they do offer invaluable training on the ins and outs of working for a nonprofit organization and could help you get your foot in the door to a paid position.
  • Summer Internships - There are also short-term paid or unpaid internships that only last a few weeks over the summer. This allows for a transition for the student to go from student to intern. These generally have a lot of information in a short time period but are a great step to get the experience you need to complete your degree and move on to the next chapter in your life.
  • Apprenticeship - Apprenticeships generally offer both practical experience and in-school training. This allows students to learn a skilled trade and make money doing it. Apprenticeships are paid and wages increase as the apprentice gains experience.

So you’ve decided on an internship, great! Now what? How do you find an internship? Your best bet is to get with your educator and see if they have programs to help you find them and get you in contact with potential employers. You can also check any job search website for posted internships both paid and unpaid. Have a certain place in mind you want to check out? Just contact them directly and see if they have anything to offer.