Gifts that don't suck!

12.03.2020 09:43 AM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

Whether you’re buying for kids, siblings, coworkers, or that weird cousin you barely know, no one wants to waste money on gifts that suck. Here is a list of fun, interesting gift ideas all under $30!

Sleep Headphones

If you’re anything like me, this year has been the worst year for sleep. These sleep headphones allow you to listen to your most relaxing sounds and can double as an eye mask!

Crazy Loungewear

Your loved ones miss you so much... Why not give them the gift that will remind them of you every time they go to bed? These photo pajamas with your face on them (or, um, anyone's face?), is sure to give them sweet dreams of you for years to come!


Another item for sleep and relaxation, because who doesn’t need that? This projector mimics the ocean’s waves in many different colors to calm and soothe your soul. There are a lot of other versions of this as well if you want stars, constellations, animals, or music!

Car phone mount

This might seem like a cop-out gift but most states are, or will be going, hands free. So really, you’re helping someone stay safe and follow the law! This car mount from target is the least stressful one I've found; no buttons to push, no rubbery grips to contend with, and no less-than-stable magnets that leave a sticky residue on your phone or case!

Personal fan

Whether you use this while working out or sweat just thinking about heat, this USB rechargeable personal fan has your back.

Acupressure Mat

For those long days spent sitting at home or at a desk, an acupressure mat can be a lifesaver to reduce back pain, muscle tension, and headaches.

Mug Warmer

Never forget your coffee or tea in the microwave again! Keep it next to you all the time, every time. BRB - ordering this for myself stat.

T-shirts, mugs, and more!

For the overly sarcastic nerd in your life, look no further than this place. Endless collections for fandoms, sarcastic phrases, and snarky comebacks on mugs, shirts, and face masks.

Online party games

Create an account on and choose from thousands of games that you can play alone, with someone around you, or friends all over the world! Jackbox gamepacks are meant to be played via Zoom or other online video chat with multiple people. Spend quality time with friends or family with fun, interactive games!

National Geographic science kit

Look, e-learning is not for everyone. Let Nat Geo help you teach your kids science with one of their kits! Choose from earth science, glow in the dark science, sensory science, stunning science (chemistry set)

If none of these sparked inspiration, well… there’s always gift cards! Got other awesome gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!