Why choose a certification course

By - Madison
06.18.2020 10:40 AM

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

Traditionally, getting a degree from a 4-year college has been touted as the only form of ‘proper education’ and a surefire way to get a well-paying job after high school, however, recently researchers have been noticing that college degrees do not always guarantee that dream job you always wanted. In the current climate, more and more people are getting a college degree, acquiring debt up to 6 figures, and still finding themselves working retail or food jobs just to make ends meet.


Also traditionally, trade jobs that only require certification or apprenticeship were looked down on as not as meaningful or prestigious, but once again, we are being shown that these jobs are detrimental to our survival. We can’t function without the hard workers that help fix the things around our house, help with computer issues, creating websites for your business, help run doctor’s offices, or teach our children.


Other than the fact that most certification jobs are essential to our survival, let's talk about the big ‘pros’ of taking a certification course versus getting a 4-year college degree:


  1. Cost - The biggest factor is cost. Certification training can cost less than $4000 total and there are many grants that will help you cover those costs.
  2. Flexibility - Unlike traditional college courses, these are created to be done online and on your own time. You can earn a certification in your spare time while working and taking care of your family without the stress of deadlines and group projects.
  3. Time - Almost all of our certification programs can be completed in 6 months to one year, sometimes less! Can you imagine getting a certificate and finding that great paying job within a year to 18 months?
  4. Finish debt-free - Combine our low cost certification programs with the grants available for a large amount of the essentials you can complete your education with zero debt.


Don’t do what everyone else is doing just because it's ‘the norm’. It is possible to succeed without a 4-year degree. Check out our available programming in your area today!