The World Education Difference

01.28.2021 02:39 PM

Written by Erin Stalcup and World Education

Times of great challenge can also present times of great opportunity.  Many colleges and universities are taking on the challenge of providing expanded online training solutions to meet the diverse needs of their students.  Whether it’s moving classroom-based courses to a virtual format or creating something entirely from scratch to meet new demand, there’s urgency for robust digital learning options to remain relevant. 


And just like not all classroom courses are created equal, online courses should be tailored to their audience and distinguish themselves in unique ways.  After all, online learners have more choice than ever before and are not bound by geography.  Quality matters, flexibility matters, service matters.  When it comes to reaching busy adults who are seeking out life-changing professional transitions, it presents a time of great opportunity to exceed those online training expectations. 


World Education partners with regionally accredited colleges and universities as an online course provider.  We have over 1,000 courses in our product library that can be aligned to just about any type of vocational training. Ultimately your students will get the skills they need for the jobs they want.  In many cases the courses World Education provide are the first big step on the student’s long-term career ladder.  We believe in creating exceptional outcomes for adults that are seeking a pathway for certification and career enhancement, and that it all can be accomplished in less than six months. 


The learning experience is enhanced by a flexible format that allows students to proceed in the course at their own pace.  Course mentors and career coaches will support the student as they work towards completion.  Externships with employers and virtual job-based simulations will forge meaningful connections along the way.  In many cases the student will exit the program with an industry recognized credential as well, with all costs being inclusive of the initial tuition.   


Our staff is also trained to help students with the paperwork and red tape to explore grants that may allow them to train for their career with little or nothing out of pocket. Unemployed, underemployed, or those who serve our country in the military may fall into this bucket.  As a designated Military Friendly® Brand and Military Friendly® Employer, World Education is in a great position to provide these resources to qualifying students. We want to make it as seamless as possible to allow students to focus on their education instead of worrying about their financing. To that end there are additional scholarships and payment plans that can be facilitated to ease any financial burden. 


Last but not least, World Education works a bit differently than most specialized online training course providers. World Education’s success is directly dependent upon that of our partners, as all of our enrollments go through you!  Our wide array of Career Training Programs and Professional Enrichment Courses will give your institution an enrollment advantage in the competitive online market. 


We offer a true partnership opportunity with colleges and universities that allows institutions to expand offerings, increase reach, and drive revenue as students enroll.  Ask any of our current strategic partners and they will share their tales of the World Education difference.


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  Funding assistance

  Student services offering career skills and placement assistance


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