Connecting over the holidays

12.22.2020 09:15 AM

Holiday's this year are going to be different, to say the least

Written by Erin Stalcup for World Education

And at the most - really hard for some people. Like you’ve (hopefully) been doing all year, there are more ways than one to interact with family members so you don’t feel so alone over the holidays.


The most obvious, and currently most popular, is video chats. These allow you to see and interact with multiple people at once, share screens and videos, and spend time together in the closest form of togetherness we can safely manage right now. This is great for children and grandparents alike, allowing them to see their loved ones in real time.


Most likely the second most popular form of communication would be via phone or even text. Less interactive, for the most part, but also less stressful for those that don't like to interact that much. Hearing the voice of someone you love always soothes the soul and laughter really is the best medicine.


If your family usually plays games together, there are options for that as well. Many online gaming platforms allow for groups of people to play together in private rooms. There are also many games on social media you can choose from as well.


If you want to do something a bit more personal, you can send your family members a letter outlining what your family did this year, how you coped, and what you are most proud of accomplishing this year. I know I will personally be mailing as much of my child’s artwork to other family members as possible… it also may happen to be all of the art projects that contain glitter.


Don’t feel like you have enough to write about to send a whole letter? Try a postcard! Keep the Postal Service busy this year and send postcards from your city to all of our out of town friends saying you wish they were here.


Take advantage of all the fun things technology has to offer, but don’t forget that the older ways of communication can be just as special and meaningful.