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What Math Requirements are Necessary to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

11.22.2022 12:51 PM By Rachel - Comment(s)
Having a good knowledge of certain types of mathematics is a skill necessary for successful pharmacy techs. Basic algebra, an understanding of temperature conversions, and the ability to decode complex word problems all contribute to a well-rounded mathematical background in this career path.

What is MyCAA and is it Beneficial?

11.01.2022 10:48 AM By Rachel - Comment(s)
The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship awards the spouses of members of the military with up to $4,000 toward training and testing for licenses, certifications, and associate degrees for certain occupations and careers.

Medical Assistant vs Dental Assistant: how to decide what's right for me?

10.27.2022 12:35 PM By Rachel - Comment(s)
Medical assistant and dental assistant training are two educational tracks approved for MyCAA financial assistance. The differences between the two roles are important to understand when deciding which career path is right for you.