Top Advantages of eLearning in the Healthcare Industry

03.20.2023 03:47 PM By chris - Comment(s)
There are many benefits to eLearning for burgeoning healthcare professions. Learn how online and remote learning can be beneficial for students and staff.

How to Encourage Professional Development for Employees

03.03.2023 10:24 AM By chris - Comment(s)
Development opportunities for employees; Employee growth opportunities

The Modernization of Higher Education: Technology in Learning

02.21.2023 09:01 AM By chris - Comment(s)

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the higher education system upside down when stay-at-home orders were widespread and social distancing was mandated. In the early months of the pandemic, students were left wondering how they would be able to finish school.

At the time, remote learning capabilities were l...

Corporate LMS: The Best Options for your organization 

02.20.2023 10:00 AM By chris - Comment(s)

Corporate learning management systems, or LMS, are software that provides personalized learning and development programs for businesses to use internally. LMS can transform unorganized training programs into well-oiled systems. 

Often when companies do not use a corporate LMS, they experience ch...

Top Accounting and Finance Certifications to Impress Employers 

02.17.2023 11:19 AM By chris - Comment(s)

Workers in financial or accounting positions may be responsible for creating financial plans or statements, assisting clients with business needs, and maintaining compliance with legal regulations. Accounting certifications can increase the earning potential of this career path and help professional...

How Much Does a Phlebotomy Tech Make?

02.16.2023 01:55 PM By chris - Comment(s)
Do you want to become a Phlebotomy Technician? Here are the average salary requirements for a Phlebotomy Technician in the United States.

What Math Requirements are Necessary to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

11.22.2022 12:51 PM By Rachel - Comment(s)
Having a good knowledge of certain types of mathematics is a skill necessary for successful pharmacy techs. Basic algebra, an understanding of temperature conversions, and the ability to decode complex word problems all contribute to a well-rounded mathematical background in this career path.

What is MyCAA and is it Beneficial?

11.01.2022 10:48 AM By Rachel - Comment(s)
The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship awards the spouses of members of the military with up to $4,000 toward training and testing for licenses, certifications, and associate degrees for certain occupations and careers.

Medical Assistant vs Dental Assistant: how to decide what's right for me?

10.27.2022 12:35 PM By Rachel - Comment(s)
Medical assistant and dental assistant training are two educational tracks approved for MyCAA financial assistance. The differences between the two roles are important to understand when deciding which career path is right for you.

Expand Your Online Offerings with Virtual Healthcare Simulations

12.07.2021 04:14 PM By chris - Comment(s)

Virtual simulations provide a hands-on experience online that brings theory and practice together for a superior learning experience. The convenience of virtual simulations is easy to recognize, but the benefits they offer learners extend far deeper than that. Used alongsi...

Career spotlight-Medical Billing and Coding

06.24.2021 09:00 AM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Career spotlight-Medical Billing and Coding
One of the most essential and rapidly-growing careers in healthcare is Medical billing and coding. Find out more about this great paying career in today's Career Spotlight!

Turn your passion into a career-Professional Photography

06.08.2021 06:02 AM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Turn your passion into a career-Professional Photography
Have an "eye" for photography? Have you considered turning your passion-fueled hobby into a profession? With our new Certified Professional Photographer course, you can!

Negotiating your pay

05.20.2021 10:21 AM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Negotiating your pay
Negotiating your pay to a potential employer, or even negotiating a raise with your current employer, can be rather stressful! Check out these tips on how to negotiate your salary so you can go into meeting with confidence and ask for what you're worth!

Mental Health

05.17.2021 01:17 PM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Mental Health
May is mental health awareness month and we've found some great digital resources to get your mental health on track. Plus, check out our new Mental Health Technician course to help other people!

Professional Bookkeeping

05.06.2021 01:11 PM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Professional Bookkeeping
Love numbers and keeping track of budgets, spreadsheets, and revenue? A career in Professional Bookkeeping could be in your future!

Making the move to Management

04.22.2021 04:11 PM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Making the move to Management
Have you been considering moving up in your career? Need some new skills to show that you're ready for more responsibility? Check out our blog to help you move up to a management roll!

Artes de panadería y repostería

04.15.2021 10:43 AM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Artes de panadería y repostería
¿Siempre te ha gustado hornear para familiares y amigos? ¿O quizás eres un panadero aficionado que busca algo más?

What exactly is an Internship?

04.09.2021 10:24 AM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
What exactly is an Internship?
April is Intern awareness month! An internship can get you on-the-job training, references, and sometimes even lead to a full time job! Check out our blog on internships to learn more!

Investing in your future

04.02.2021 03:31 PM By Nikki Arnold - Comment(s)
Investing in your future
Invest in your future with stimulus money or tax returns! Many courses available for under $2000 to get you started in a new career, or moving up in your current career!