Holiday Study Tips

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Holiday Study Tips

Believe it or not many people don’t get out of school during the holiday break! Most college students take their finals this week and then are done until the middle of January. Some will decide to take mini-sessions or even online courses over these breaks to increase their knowledge or really reach that goal for 2015 to finish school and find a new career. Whatever your reason for going to school over the holidays, this busy season provides many distractions from your studies.  To help you stay focused on your goals, here are some holiday study tips to help you stay on target while not missing out on the fun too!

  1. Stay on a schedule: You have a schedule already, but make sure to modify it around holiday events and family visits. Make sure you carve out time every day to do your work or get some study time in. This way you will not feel so far behind when January rolls around! I find it best to get up early in the morning to get things done and out of the way, but if you are more of a night person then after everyone is asleep take time to do some homework.
  2. Take Breaks: Whatever holiday you are celebrating make sure and take those big days off. Spend that day with your family and keep the computer and books closed! Go and celebrate the New Year with friends and family without having to think about math problems or an essay. Again if you are doing something every day leading up to these big days it will not hold you back if you take the entire day off.
  3. Clear your mind: Those invitations are piling up, your family is asking you what you will bring, and you also find yourself surfing through Amazon for gifts. Phew! The best thing to do is write down what you want to think about later after you are done with your studies. Put all of your ideas, thoughts and concerns on a paper fold it up and put it in a drawer to look at later.
  4. Reward yourself: This is so important once you hit a milestone you have set. Reward yourself with a night at the movies, dinner with friends, time with family or even a nap! Make sure your rewards are not counterproductive to your goals but will help you push through until the end.
  5. Stay healthy: It can be very tempting to indulge in a ton of holiday treats! Eating sugary and fatty foods can drag your metabolism down and kill your energy levels. Sometimes taking a 30 minute walk or run can help clear your head and get you focused. Also, make sure you are getting enough rest as well. All-nighters do not help before exams or getting a big project done. It leaves you exhausted the next day and will keep you from pushing forward.

Staying focused during the holidays is difficult but with a clear commitment to your goals the work you do now will pay off in the end when you find that dream career!  The World family wishes you Happy Holidays! We are here to help your success, so if you want to find out more on our career training programs go to or call 855-201-6910.

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Financing Education Does Not Have to Break the Bank!

Money and Education2So you’ve decided to take an online program to improve your career, and you probably are excited to get started and on to a more fulfilling career.  Yet there is always that one sticking point, a hurdle some folks dread, and that is paying for your courses.  Well at World we know the financing of your education can cause anxiety, so we’ve developed some options that won’t break the bank!


If you have some money, our first option for you is a Four-part Payment Plan.  Benefits include no credit check, 0% interest, and simple repayment terms.  You can also combine this method with other methods of payment to increase your flexibility.

In addition to the payment plan, we also offer low-interest student financing.  It is a monthly installment plan that has an option for a co-signer if needed, and is eligible for monthly promotions and discounts and the amount you owe.  This too can be combined with other forms of payment.

Finally, we have a new option with the Sallie Mae career training smart option student loan for those who qualify.  You can borrow up to the full cost of your program, and choose from a variety of payment options while you are in your program.  With low rates and the flexibility of repayment, Sallie Mae could be a great option for your needs.


At the Federal and State government levels you have several options for grants, which do not have to be repaid.  First is the Pell Grant, The easiest way to try to receive a Pell grant is to fill out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  There is also the Workforce Investment Act, the Trade Readjustment/Realignment Act, and the Vocational Rehabilitation.  Our advisors are skilled in helping you understand what you can qualify for and how you can apply for these grants.

Finally, there is always a college scholarship.  They aren’t just for high school students.  A quick search of the internet shows there are many companies who offer services to help you find scholarships, many list the scholarships and their requirements for free.  There are plenty out there so we do not recommend one per se, but if you have any questions on scholarships or any of the other financing options — we can help you whenever you are ready.  We have advisors on live chat and the phone waiting to help you at:



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Why should you have a Career Coach?

Coaching 2    We often see the term “coach” and think athletics or using a trainer at the gym to help us fit into that little black dress. Yet we rarely think about a career coach to help guide us through our pursuit of a better life at work. Let’s face it: as a job seeker we only have so much knowledge of how to polish our resumes, putting the perfect cover letter together to get the attention of a hiring manager, and finding different ways to network. This is why having an experienced career coach who focuses on your success will help so much once you finish your education or certification program.

Many schools or universities offer “career coaching” as a part of their enrollment processes, but what is a career coach exactly, and what should you be looking for in a coach? The bottom line is a career coach should help you assess your professional situation with a good amount of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion. With the normal amount of anxiety that comes with the job search, your career coach should help you feel comfortable and inspire you to press on. The largest part of a career coach’s job is to bring you out of your shell and help you understand that just submitting your resume to online job search engines will not give you the kind of return you want. Career coaching is extremely personal so make sure you do your research before you commit.

Here are a few questions you should ask during your research:

  1. Just like with a sports coach you want to know their win/loss record. If you are talking to a school or university, ask what their career services statistics are and get them to show you the following: what is your student graduation rate, success in passing certification exams, and their career statistics. If you want to learn more look up Gainful Employment Regulation Act.
  2. Find out what their career path has been like. You want to make sure that the person who is coaching you had both coaching experience and real world experience as well.
  3. Geographic location is another option for you to look at. With technology like Skype this opens the opportunity for you to choose a coach that you are more comfortable with anywhere in the world. This is your own preference so make sure you are comfortable with your choice.
  4. Interview your top two to three picks. Ask about the following: fees, rates (they may vary from $50 to $300 per hour), how often you will meet, and for how long. Most coach-client relationships last from six months to a year.
  5. Weather it is a school or a career coach you need to ask what is included in with their “experience”. It should include some of the following: goal setting, time management, study skills, and finding your motivation to push through while you are in school or looking for that dream job.
  6. If you are working with your school or university, then there are also a few important questions you should ask and have answers to. Will they help you build a solid resume? If there are certification requirements involved ask them how they can help you. Are there hands-on job experience opportunities they can help you with like externships or internships? Will they teach you how to market yourself and network? Also, find out if they will set up mock interview sessions with you to prepare you for that job interview.
  7. More than anything chemistry and connection with your coach should be top on your list. You will have to be comfortable with sharing intimate details of your life with your coach, so it’s important that you like them and see them as an equal.

World and our partner universities will assign our students a dedicated career coach from Day 1 who will assist them with a success plan from training to a fulfilling career. We offer our graduates career development assistance up to 1 year after course completion to make sure they are on track and find that dream job!

For more information on World and our accredited 100% online career training programs contact us toll free at 1-855-201-6910 or go to