Learning Spanish for the Workplace

Spanish Learning languageCan learning Spanish help boost your career? According to an article from Monster.com they stated that over 70% of the billboards in the suburbs were in Spanish. It is not just in Texas and California but all over the southeast Spanish workers are finding jobs in the service, manufacturing and agriculture industry along with copy writers to help create ads for this growing population. These open up amazing opportunities for people who can speak and write in Spanish.

With over 37 million Spanish speakers in America there is a large group of people that you need to communicate to in order to perform your job well or help your business grow.  According to Pew Research this trend is not expected to slow as it is culturally important for some Spanish speakers to pass on fluency to their children.

When it comes to getting a leg up to earn more and advance your career, you may not be in the position to wait months or spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do so.  Whether you are short on time and/or funds, WE have a solution to help you:  set yourself apart with our $40 Spanish business courses.

This growing demographic provides you with an opportunity set yourself out from your peers by learning Spanish quickly to help you in your daily work. Two of our courses do just that:

Spanish for Health and Safety:  If you are in the healthcare field this is for you. It will rapidly teach the essentials for giving emergency instructions, diagnosing injuries, emergency instructions and giving specific commands for medications.

Spanish for Customer Service:  This is a versatile course designed for managers, supervisors and other customer service associates. Taking this course will let you connect easier with your Spanish-speaking customers, to understand what they need and to handle basic transactions efficiently.

To learn more about our other Spanish course, chat with us online at WorldEducation.net or call us toll-free at 1-855-201-6910.

The Future of Personal Training

Personal-trainerFor generations now Americans have been striving to get fit, and from diet fads to workout changes one thing has remained constant: the rise of the personal trainer.  Many people don’t realize that personal trainers date back to 776 B.C when ancient Greeks were training for the very first Olympic Games. A lot has changed over the years with health clubs popping up on every corner and TV shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ creating celebrity personal trainers.  Our fitness and health trend is only growing and that makes the future bright for a career in personal training.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about this field is that you have to work in a large chain gym to be a full time personal trainer.  In fact there are a range of places a certified personal trainer can work to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Physical therapy office: After surgery, many patients need a long time with their therapist to regain strength and to minimize injury. Many physical therapists are now building small gyms in their office building, or next door. These gyms are ran by certified personal trainers who can help patients get stronger and increase their mobility after major surgeries like hip and knee replacements, heart attack, and strokes. These are typically 9 to 5 jobs with your weekends free.
  2. Online personal trainer: With tools like Skype, social media channels and e-mail personal trainers can take their business virtual! Many personal trainers are able to work from the comfort of their own homes and create an online business that brings in more money than training clients one on one at a gym. This takes some expertise in social media marketing and learning how to create programs that people with follow without you physically being there to push them.
  3. Corporate personal trainers: Many companies are realizing that healthy employees mean happy and more productive employees. Study after study proves companies that help keep their employees fit see a decrease in absenteeism, an increase in productivity, lower turnover, and significantly lower medical costs. This ultimately benefits a company in several ways, from saving money to increasing revenue by having a veteran staff to keep the company profitable. These new thinking companies are building gyms that are connected to their buildings or giving incentives for employees to join and utilize a gym. These gyms have certified personal trainers to help employees with their fitness goals and keep them motivated.
  4. Yoga/Pilates instructors: According to CNN Money this is the number 10 best job in America to have, from the article “100 Best Jobs in America” for 2015. They go on to say their median yearly salary is about $62,400 with a 10 year career growth of 13%. With Pilates and Bikram Yoga studios on every corner, certified instructors balance their time between teaching classes along with planning what goes into each class and getting the word out about the studio. As an instructor, one of your main goals is to bring the physical and spirit together to bring strength and peace to your students.


These are just a few of the careers that a certified personal trainer can have in their lifetime. If you are a college student who is working towards a degree in kinesiology or you are just wanting to change your career to work in the health and fitness industry WE can help!

World Education.net partners with accredited colleges and universities and offers 100% online personal training programs to prepare you for this field.  We offer ACE, ACSM and NASM prep courses that help prepare students to take and pass their certification exam.

To find out more go to www.worleducation.net and look into our healthcare and fitness catalog, you can chat with us online or call us at 1-855-201-6910 to speak with one of our admissions advisers.


WE have Scholarships!

WE have Scholarships!

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Salary Negotiating

Negotiate SalaryThe job search can be exhausting: sending out resumes, phone interviews, and the 3 to 4 interviews you go through before you get the call, “We are excited to extend you an offer…”!  When you get this call, what do you do next? Your first thought is probably to scream, “YES I’ll TAKE IT”!  Yet this is the time to take a breath and tell them you are excited about the opportunity.  Don’t make the mistake to start talking salary before a formal offer is extended.

Don’t get nervous about taking time to get to know your worth. This gives you the ability to do your research and ask for advice from professionals. According to a survey from Salary.com 18% of people never negotiate their salary and the biggest reason they didn’t was fear of losing the offer. Most employers expect it and have some wiggle room to go up on the salary.  Indeed a famous study by Linda Babcock, “Women Don’t Ask”, revealed that less women than men negotiate their salary, and of those who negotiated their salary were able to see a 7% increase from the original offer.

The how to on salary negotiating and what steps to take when asking for more money after the job offer.

  1. Do your research: Don’t walk into a salary negotiation without doing your homework. Managers are pros and will control the conversation so you need to be able to respond with the research you’ve done. You can go to sites like Salary.com, Payscale or Glassdoor. Also, talk to professionals in your industry make sure you talk to men and women to make sure you are getting a well-rounded idea of what you are worth.
  2. Go in with a number in mind: After your research is done you will find a range of what people in your industry make with your years of experience. Don’t go in with that range ask for a specific number like $67,250. Employers do their research as well and when they use a specific number they find they get closer to an offer.   So have a range in mind and negotiate from their number.
  3. Go in with more than the salary: To help with this difficult discussion have some soft questions to ask, for example: their Bonus Structure, ask how it works and ask for specifics such as is it based on individual performance, team performance or overall company performance. Ask about the company 401K, health insurance, vacation, expenses, and type of technology you will be using. You can sprinkle these in the middle of your negotiation to make the hiring manager more comfortable – and also to get an idea of how they are compensating you in ways beyond salary level.
  4. Go in with confidence: The last thing you want to do is walk in with zero confidence regarding your value and what you can deliver for the company. Don’t let this part get confrontational, though. Stay positive and acting as yourself will let you remain the person they wanted to hire in the beginning. Confidence is about asking for a salary that meets your skill level, years of experience, and what kind of positive financial impact you will have on their company.
  5. Leave emotion at the door: Trying to buy a house? About to send a child to college? While these are milestones in your life, they do not factor into whether or not you deserve a raise. According to this article from US News, “When you enter a negotiation, you should only come armed with data, facts, and honesty around your job and company performance. Lay out your case rationally, ask for what you think you deserve, and be prepared to answer questions and provide further support for your request.” Doing it this way will keep emotion out of the equation.

These are just a few tips to have the career of your dreams along with the salary that will match the value you can do for the company. World Education.net is dedicated to the success of our students during their education and after they complete their programs. Each student is assigned a career development coach from day 1 and they keep this service for 1 year after completion of their program. We help students with resume writing, interviewing skills, the job hunt, externships and scheduling certification testing at no extra cost to the student. World Education.net believes that for you to be successful you need to learn not only the hard skills of the career you want, but also the soft skills you need to grow into your career.  Contact us via live chat or phone to see how we can support you.

WE have Scholarships!

WE have Scholarships!

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