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A World of eLearning. World Education, LLC is the trusted leader in online learning, fully immersed each day in its mission of providing quality education to the world. Offering innovative learning solutions to accredited colleges and universities, World Education serves thousands of students and partners worldwide with offices in the U.K. and U.S.

Our founder, Stephen Gatlin, a pioneer in the industry since 1993, is committed to aggregating and developing the most in-demand career training content available that empowers individuals and advances careers. The World Education staff works closely with a shared altruistic vision and people-centric values that include teamwork, fun and empowerment.

Our Business Model. Offering certificate courses that students access through our partnering universities, corporations and governments worldwide.

Our Offering. As the recognized leader of the elearning industry, World Education understands your challenges as well as your needs. We are continually updating our quality certificate courses in new languages as well as offer content from the world's best elearning providers to bring you the largest variety in online training. Online education starts here.

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